What is Pitch Deck?

Pitch Deck is a consulting agency for startups and entrepreneurs willing to take the next step in business. Founders Jo De Ridder & Nick Vinckier deliver services tailored to startups, based on real business expertise and startup experience by working with innovative corporates, VC's, business angels and startups on daily basis.

"Forget bullshit and inaccessible consulting. We deliver actionable advice that generates impact at an affordable price."

Jo De Ridder & Nick Vinckier

How can Pitch Deck help you?

Startups are just like human beings: each have different challenges at different stages in their life cycle and need a tailored solution to move forward. Typically there are four main areas where startups struggle and Pitch Deck can help you with:

Problem / Solution Fit

Finding a customer pain so significant that enough customers recognize the pain and have money to pay for the solution.

In the phase of Problem/Solution Fit, we help you:

  • Form your founding team
  • Validate your startup idea and customer problem  
  • Find the minimum viable solution
  • Define the right value proposition
  • Build minimum viable product
  • Design your pitch (deck)
  • Join the right incubator
  • Attract early investors and/or mentors

Product / Market Fit

Reaching Product/Market fit means being in a good market with a good product - used by good users and is a prerequisite to growth.

In the phase of Product/Market Fit, we help you:

  • Determine your unique selling points
  • Test & validate your key features
  • Generate first traction for your product
  • Close your first paying customers
  • Gather user feedback
  • Define Wow-moments & 'active users'
  • Improve your product
  • Pivot if necessary

Repeatable Business

Most startups fail to find a repeatable & scalable business model where the acquisition cost is lower than the customer lifetime value.

In the phase of Repeatable Business, we help you:

  • Create a viable business model & financial plan
  • Refine your value proposition and user experience
  • Find repeatable & scalable acquisition channels
  • Measure your Customer Acquisition Cost & Customer Lifetime Value
  • Optimize conversion through the funnel
  • Design your pricing and retention strategy
  • Build viral loops

Exponential Growth to Scale-Up

Aggressive user acquisition, growth hacking and exponential scale is key as 'the winner often takes all' in the startup landscape.

In the phase of Exponential Growth to Scale-Up, we help you:

  • Generate awareness for your business on steroids
  • Acquire users exponentially & activate them properly
  • Engineer recurring activity and referral amongst users
  • Expand the CLV with various upsell possibilities
  • Grow from startup to an actual business
  • Refine your pitch deck
  • Join the righ accelerator
  • Attract the right investors
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